• feeling anxious, depressed or struggling with other emotional concerns?

  • unable to complete your work or school responsibilities?

  • reminded of traumatic experiences from childhood or adulthood and don’t know how to move forward?

  • struggling with relationship problems?

  • an international student or worker struggling with the transition of living in the US?

  • having difficulty managing a life transition?

  • trying to figure out your true identity?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, WE CAN HELP YOU.

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Not Your Average Therapists

Tired of looking for a “good fit”?

You can stop your search now.


  • Founded by a POC female psychologist who strongly values culture and community

  • Innovative treatments like EMDR, IFS, AEDP and Neurofeedback

  • Engaging and relatable therapists

  • Trauma expertise

  • Inclusive

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BTG is an in-network and preferred provider for Boston University and Tufts University students.

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Be The Best You

We guide you and give you the tools so that you can …

  • calm your mental chatter

  • develop and maintain healthy relationships

  • increase your productivity

  • enhance your confidence


The health of our clients and employees is our priority. During the pandemic, we will only be providing online therapy appointments. We utilize a secure, HIPAA compliant video  platform for our sessions. We look forward to the day to return in-person sessions.