Dr. Espada provides one-time and ongoing clinical case/treatment consultation to individual clinicians and groups. She particularly consults on cases that despite various clinical interventions have lacked treatment progress or symptom reduction.

Consultation is most often utilized to

  • ask questions about specific clients or work situations

  • learn and practice new clinical techniques

  • assist in evaluation  and treatment planning for complex cases

  • identify potential obstacles and solutions for cases that lack clinical progress

Individual Consultation:
Consultation can be offered on an ongoing basis for regular support and professional clinical development or on a one-time basis for clinicians who are stuck on a particular case or clinical situation.

Group Consultation:
Group consultation is available to individuals working together who provide clinical services to  clients with complex clinical presentation such as those with complex trauma and/or dissociation. Groups are held with 3-8 persons. The structure of each group is tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of the group.

Dr. Espada works from a strengths-based and didactic approach to consultation. Her hope is strengthen and enhance clinician’s knowledgebase and skillset.  She provides a non-judgmental and safe space for clinicians to discuss challenges cases and work situations.